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1000Nm Twin Disc Clutch BMW M50/M52/M54/S50/S54

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Description`s Twin-Disc clutch able to withstand up to 1000Nm of torque generated by BMW M50/M52/M54/S50/S54 engines. The clutch works as smooth as the original part, but under much higher torque level. It provides a lighter rotating assembly, higher RPM capability and greater clamp load levels.

What’s so special about this one?

– Can withstand 1000Nm of tourque! Perfect for high power turbocharged drift cars!
– Made in UE, CNC precision machining and alignment assure precise fit.
– Custom lightweight 240mm clutch twin-discs (stainless steel base) using LUK’s 8090’s Kevlar friction pads give you superior friction and durability!
– Monoblock single mass twin clutch disc flywheel (flywheel’s mass approx. 5kg).
– Sachs Performance pressure plate with non-SAC mechanism pressure plate.
Heat-resistant clutch discs spacer.
– Flywheels have the starter gear mounted on it (monoblock solution).
– Each clutch set has been fully balanced.
– Works and engages smooth like an OEM clutch set!
– Fits following BMW engines: M50, M52, M54 (only 5 speed), S50 with Getrag or ZF gearbox (5/6 speed). Our clutch set can also be used with S54B32 engine or mix M5x unit with S54B32 transmission – in this case let us know about this fact – you will need different clutch discs with bigger spline shaft.


00-01 BMW 320I Touring w/M54
00-01 BMW 325I Touring w/M54
00-02 BMW M Coupe w/S54B32
00-02 BMW M Roadster w/S54B32
00-02 BMW Z3 2.2 Roadster w/M54
00-03 BMW 320CI Convertible w/M54
00-03 BMW 320CI Coupe w/M54
00-03 BMW 325CI Convertible w/M54
00-03 BMW 325CI Coupe w/M54
00-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M54
00-03 BMW 520I Touring w/M54
00-03 BMW 525I Sedan w/M54
00-03 BMW 525I Touring w/M54
00-04 BMW 325TI Compactw/M54
01-05 BMW 320I Touring w/M54
01-05 BMW 325I Touring w/M54
02-05 BMW Z4 2.5I Roadster w/M54
02-06 BMW 320CI Convertible w/M54
02-06 BMW 325CI Convertible w/M54
89-95 BMW 325I Sedan w/M50
89-95 BMW 525I Sedan w/M50
90-95 BMW 325I Coupe w/M50
90-95 BMW 325I Sedan w/M50
90-96 BMW 525I Touring w/M50
91-95 BMW 325I Coupe w/M50
91-95 BMW 525I Sedan w/M50
91-95 BMW 525IX Sedan w/M50
91-96 BMW 525I Touring w/M50
91-96 BMW 525IX Touring w/M50
92-95 BMW 325I Convertible w/M50
92-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
92-96 BMW 525IX Touring w/M50
93-95 BMW M3 Convertible w/S50
93-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Convertible w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Sedan w/S50
94-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
94-98 BMW 328I Coupe w/M52
94-98 BMW 328I Sedan w/M52
94-99 BMW 328I Convertible w/M52
94-99 BMW 328I Touring w/M52
95-96 BMW 323I Convertible w/M52
95-97 BMW M3 Sedan w/S50
95-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 328I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 523I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 528I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 728I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
95-99 BMW 323I Coupe w/M52
95-99 BMW 323I Touring w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Convertible w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Coupe w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Touring w/M52
95-99 BMW M3 Convertible w/S50
96-00 BMW M Roadster w/S50B32
96-98 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52
96-98 BMW 520I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW 523I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW 528I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW Z3 Roadster w/M52
96-99 BMW 323I Convertible w/M52
96-99 BMW 323I Touring w/M52
97-00 BMW M Coupe w/S50B32
97-00 BMW M Roadster w/S50B32
97-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
97-98 BMW 323TI Compactw/M52
97-98 BMW 520I Touring w/M52
97-98 BMW 528I Touring w/M52
97-98 BMW Z3 Coupe w/M52
97-98 BMW Z3 Roadster w/M52
98-00 BMW 323CI Convertible w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 323CI Coupe w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 323TI Compactw/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 520I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 523I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 523I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW M Coupe w/S50B32
98-00 BMW Z3 2.0 Roadster w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW Z3 2.8 Coupe w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 320CI Coupe w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 320I Touring w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 520I Touring w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 728I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52/TU
99-00 BMW 323CI Convertible w/M52/TU
99-02 BMW Z3 2.2 Roadster w/M54
99-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M54
99-03 BMW 525I Sedan w/M54
BMW 325I Sedan w/M54
BMW 320I Sedan w/M52/TU
BMW 323I Sedan w/M52/TU
BMW 320I Sedan w/M54

Average time we need to build this cluthch is 7 working days.

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