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Welcome to is about turbochargers and motorsport, as racing fan you will feel at home here. We take great pride in our product development. Please read the quick review of what we can do for you.

Hybrid turbochargers

Fans of tuning will feel like at home with us. We are building custom turbochargers for projects up to 1000km+. Highest possible reliability is guaranteed. All turbos are built using only the best components (i.e  KTS Turbobillet X.). Some ready to buy setups are listed on our website if you can't find anything suitable we encourage you to go through the list of modifications that can be applied to almost all turbochargers.

Cores for turbochargers (CHRA)

Replacement of a CHRA is a great way of bringing your turbo to the condition it once had. We sell complete cores for turbochargers - balanced and ready to be installed. You can replace it on your own in a garage or go to your mechanic of choice.

Aluminium CNC compressor wheels - Billet Wheels

There is also a possibility to mount aluminum compressor wheel on your CHRA, so-called 'Billet Wheel', which are on average 20% lighter than standard cast wheels.

Original turbochargers

We offer a full range of turbochargers from world's leading manufacturers such as Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi. To buy a new turbocharger please contact us and inform us which model you would like to buy. These products are not listed on our website at the moment.

Parts and equipment to repair electronic controls.

We provide parts for the restoration of Hella drivers, such as the original DC motors Johnson & worm gears, and testers VNTT-Pro v4 for diagnostics and calibration actuators.

Recently added products