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Turbo Exhaust Manifold BMW M50, M52, M54


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Professional high-end steel exhaust manifold for BMW M50, M52, M54.

Main features:

1. Precise 100% Plug&Play fitting on stock collector and 100% CNC machined parts.
2. Handmade TIG welding + lightweight structure.
3. Made using heat-resisting steel.
4. Manifold is pre-heated – low probabilty of cracking.
5. Compact size gives you more space for Downpipe etc. in RHD cars.
6. Oustanding geometry of our manifold allows to achieve quick spool!
7. Top mount type.


M50b25, M52b25, M54b25, B28, B30 working in BMW E30, E36, E38, E39, E46.

It is compatible with turbochargers as follows:

GT28, GT30, GT35, HX35, HX40, BWS200SX etc.


1. If your BMW is equipped with AC, please realize westgate valve pipe is located in the AC compressor area, that`s why AC needs to be uninstalled or manifold can be made without WG outlet (when turbo has internal westgate). Alternatively you can weld westgate pipe in other place.
2. 1/8″ NPT whole for the external EGT sensor is avaialble on demand as well.
3. Other configurations (Vanos, etc.) available on demand as well.

The time we need to made this manifold is 7-10 working days after payment.


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