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Hybrid Turbo Stage 2 GT1749V VAG Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW 1.9 2.0 TDI



Garrett GT1749V Stage 2 Hybrid. The turbo on the picture was built to match 1.9TDI PD150 ARL standard.

Our  hybrid turbo fits into:

  1. transverse engines as follows:BKD, AZV, BKP, ECE, PDE, BSY, ALH, ASV, ASZ, BLT, BPX, AHF, ATD, AVK, AUY, AJM, BJB, BKC, BXE, BXF, BRU, etc.

  2. longtidunal engines as follows:

    AVF, AWX, BPW, BGW, BLB, etc.

Full list of changes applied is as follows:

– reinforced journal bearings – so called ‘360’
– Plug&Play GT17 turbine housing
– bigger turbine wheel from from PD150 ARL turbocharger
– bigger cast compressor wheel from PD150 ARL turbocharger
– precise VNT adjustment
– CHRA is built using brand new parts

The turbo is meant to work with ~180HP at ~25PSI of boost. Only remapping is needed, other modifications aren`t required.

After placing an order please inform us which engine and manifold the turbocharger will be fitted with. It takes around 7 working days to build this hybrid.

Hybrid Turbo Stage 2 based on stock 1.9TDI GT1646 BKC turbo is available too.



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