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Custom De-Cat Downpipe Mercedes C63 C63S AMG W205 C205 M177 4.0 BiTurbo


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Custom Stainless Steel De-Cat Downpipe Kit for Mercedes C63 AMG/C63S AMG, working with M177 DE 40 LA engine with stock power 476-510HP, is the direct P&P replacement for the stock Downpipe as well as removing the Catalytic Converter (CAT).

What’s so special about this one?

1. The Downpipe is made in from TIG Welded Stainless Steel AISI304 (flame resistant material).
2. The Pipe reduces down to the stock exhaust size to slot nicely into the standard system.
3. Your car is more responsive, the boost comes in quicker and the car holds boost to slightly higher RPM – absolutely amazing feeling!
4. Our De-Cat Downpipe KIT is composed of two pieces to simplify the installation.
5. Each downpipe features 3-inch (76mm) diameter piping and laser cut precision flanges to mate with factory mounting points, giving this system a perfect fit.


Mercedes C63 AMG (C205) 476HP
Mercedes C63 AMG (W205) 476HP
Mercedes C63S AMG (C205) 510HP

The upgraded Plug&Play KKK turbocharger for Mercedes C63 AMG and C63s AMG is available as follows:

M177 Upgrade Turbo Aston Martin DB11, Vantage, Mercedes C63 AMG, C63S AMG, AMG GT, AMG GT S, E63 AMG, G500, GLC63 AMG

ECU tune is necessary to avoid the Check Engine Light. We need usually ~ 14 working days to perform and send this KIT.


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