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Stainless 2.5″ – 3.0″ De-Cat Downpipe KIT Ford Focus II RS 2.5T


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Custom Stainless Steel De-Cat Downpipe for Ford Focus II RS 2.5T is a P&P replacement for the stock Downpipe with removal of the Catalytic Converter (CAT).

Important to note

1. The Downpipe is made from TIG Welded Stainless Steel AISI304 (flame resistant material).
2. The Pipe diameter is reduced down to the stock exhaust size so it fits nicely into the system.
3. Your car is more responsive, the boost comes in quicker and the car holds boost to slightly higher RPM.
4. Our De-Cat Downpipe KIT is composed of two pieces to simplify the installation.
5. Available dimensions: 2.5″, 2.75″, 3.0″

The kit consists of

– 1x Stainless Downpipe
– 1x Stainless De-Cat
– Downpipe Gasket
– Nuts

We need usually ~ 7 working days to perform and send this KIT.

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2.50″, 2.75″, 3.00″


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