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VE 1.9TDI ALH Injectors Upgrade VAG 2.5TDI




Full set of complete genuine Bosch 1.9TDI and 2.5TDI VE Injectors for ALH engines, performed using high flow custom nozzles, fully calibrated to run properly and without excessive smoke with no imbalance on idle. There are available nozzle sizes as follows:

1. 0,216 / the potential about 190-200HP.

2. 0,230 / the potential about 210-220HP.

3. 0,260 / the potential about 240-250HP.

4. 0,290 / the potential about 270-280HP.

5. 0,310 / the potential about 300-310HP.

6. 0,330 / the potential about 310-320HP.

7. 0,360 / the potential about +320HP.

Most Important Features

– The injectors are tested and the pressures (low/high) are set at 200/310bar or 230/310bar. It depends on your fuel pump (10mm, 11mm, or 12mm). Other values are possible on demand.
– The professional installation is required for injectors to work perfectly.
– 100% P&P fitment.
– We do not require your old bodies in exchange.
– The injectors will be supplied with the square master injector connector or with the oval D-shaped. Please check before the order.
– Bigger fuel pumps 11mm and 12mm are available.

Compatible engines

ALH, AGR, ASV, AHF, AFN, AHU, 1Z, ABY (if you have other VE engines, don`t hesitate to ask about the correct injectors).

Additional information

Injectors size

0,216, 0,230, 0,260, 0,290, 0,290, 0,310, 0,330, 0,360


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