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M271 M274 Turbo Upgrade Mercedes C300 W205 Hybrid Turbo Infiniti Q50


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GotTuned`s Hybrid Turbocharger built using custom CNC compressor wheel and Enlarged High-Flow 9 Blade Turbine Wheel. This based on genuine stock IHI AL 0065 / AL 0066 / AL 0068 / AL 0070 / AL 0071 / AL 0072 turbochargers is the ultimate Plug&Play solution for Infiniti QX30, Q50, Q60, Q70 or Mercedes C, E, CLC, GLC, SLK  Class working with M271/M274 1.6T, 1.8T and 2.0T engine with stock power 122-245HP. There are 2 versions of the hybrid turbocharger with a peak power range of 250+ and 300+ Crankshaft Horse Power, as follows:

GotTuned M271/274 250+

Hybrid turbocharger ready to make ~250 Crankshaft Horse Power. Full list of changes applied:

– Journal bearings – so-called ‘360’,
– Modification of compressor housing,
– Modification of seal plate,
– Enlarged/custom compressor Billet Wheel 6+6 blades,
– Custom turbine wheel clipped and lightened to help reduce backpressure,

Further features:

– Genuine IHI compressor housing,
– Genuine IHI exhaust manifold,
– Genuine IHI bearing housing,
– Genuine IHI DV,
– Genuine IHI actuator,
– 100% Plug&Play fitment (the turbo is complete),
– Dynamically Balanced.

The example project:

The result is 227 Wheel Horse Power / ~ 284 Crankshaft Horse Power with stock exhaust and cooling system.

GotTuned M271/274 300+

Hybrid turbocharger ready to make 300+ Crankshaft Horse Power. Full list of changes applied is the same as with 250+ package with the exception of Billet Compressor Wheel which is bigger and Turbine Wheel which is also enlarged and additionally lightened (High-Flow 9 Blades).

The example project:

The result is 307 Crankshaft Horse Power with Turbokits Intercooler + Forge Motorsport BOV Adapter (the downpipe is stock).

Getting the Performance

To reach the declared level of power, you need to adjust your fuel, exhaust and cooling systems as well. The professional ECU remapping is required.

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The main advantages of Billet Compressor Wheels:

  • Billet Compressor wheels (or MFS Wheels Manufactured from Solid) are made from a solid piece of alloy (billet). A CNC miller performs the wheel from a CAD program.
  • Billet compressor wheels are far stronger than a cast wheel due to being machined from a solid piece of material. This extra strength allows the wheel blades and hub to be thinner, increasing blade area resulting in increased air flow from a wheel with matching overall dimensions.
  • As the Billet compressor wheel can have thinner blades and hub, this means that generally, the MFS compressor wheel will also be lighter than its cast counterpart.
  • The improvement will add greater air flow.
  • Faster boost response at lower engine speeds.
  • Increased efficiency at higher boost pressures.


Infiniti QX30 211HP
Infiniti Q50 211HP
Infiniti Q60 211HP
Infiniti Q70 211HP
Mercedes W205 C160 129HP
Mercedes W204 C180 156HP
Mercedes W212 E180 156HP
Mercedes W212 E200 Natural Gas Drive 156HP
Mercedes W212 E200 184HP
Mercedes X204 GLK200 184HP
Mercedes W205 C200 184HP
Mercedes R172 SLK200 184HP
Mercedes W213 E200 184HP
Mercedes X204 GLK250 211HP
Mercedes W205 C250 211HP
Mercedes W205 C350e 211HP
Mercedes W213 E250 211HP
Mercedes W213 E350e 211HP
Mercedes W205 C300 245HP
Mercedes W213 E300 245HP
Mercedes R172 SLK300 245HP
Mercedes W209 CLK 200 161-181HP
Mercedes W203 C180 KOMPRESSOR 143HP
Mercedes W203 C200 KOMPRESSOR 163HP
Mercedes W203 C230 KOMPRESSOR 192HP
Mercedes W203 CLC180 KOMPRESSOR 143HP
Mercedes W203 CLC200 KOMPRESSOR 163HP
Mercedes W203 CLC230 KOMPRESSOR 192HP
Mercedes W211 E200 KOMPRESSOR 184HP
Mercedes R171 SLK200 KOMPRESSOR 163-184HP
Mercedes W204 C180 KOMPRESSOR 143HP
Mercedes W204 C200 KOMPRESSOR 163HP
Mercedes W204 CLC180 KOMPRESSOR 143HP
Mercedes W204 CLC200 KOMPRESSOR 163HP
Mercedes W203 C200 CGI 170HP
Mercedes W209 CLK200 CGI
Mercedes W203 CLC160 129HP
Mercedes W204 C180 KOMPRESSOR
Mercedes W204 C180 CGI
Mercedes W204 C200 CGI
Mercedes W204 C250 CGI
Mercedes W212 E200 CGI
Mercedes W212 E250 CGI
Mercedes C207 E200 BlueEfficiency
Mercedes C207 E250 CGI
Mercedes SLC 180 156HP
Mercedes SLC 200 184HP
Mercedes SLC 230 245HP


M271, M274 DE16 LA, M274 DE20 LA,


Average time we need to build hybrid turbochargers is 10-14 working days.

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M274 Downpipe Mercedes W205 C200, C250, C300

Additional information

Power Range

250+, 300+


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