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N54, N55 Upgraded Clutch for BMW M2, 335i, 135i, Z4 withstanding up to 1500NM of torque!


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Description`s Twin-Disc clutch is offered in three versions capable of withstanding from 800Nm up to 1500Nm of torque in the racing condition. This setup is dedicated for high-powered N54 and N55 engines; please have a look at the table below to find out which version would work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch if in doubt. The Stage 1 clutch works as smoothly as an OEM clutch set but can operate at a much higher torque level. Our clutch provides a lighter rotating assembly, higher RPM capability, and greater clamp load levels but most importantly it’s much stronger.

Mount type Engine Models
Flywheel mounted on 8 bolts N54B30 BMW 135i, 335i, Z4
Flywheel mounted on 6 bolts N54B30A, N55B30 135i, M135i, M2, M235i, 335i, X3 35i, 435i, X4 35i, X4 M40i, 535i, X5 35i, X5 35iX, 640i, X6 35iX, x6 35i.

Important to note about this clutch

– It’s suitable for up to 1500Nm of torque in racing conditions!
100% CNC precision machining and alignment assure an excellent fit.
– Professionally balanced flywheel and spacer.
– Custom 240 mm clutch twin-discs (stainless steel base) using LUK’s Kevlar or Ceramic friction pads.
– Monoblock single mass twin clutch disc flywheel  (approx. 7kg).
– Sachs Performance pressure plate (as option) with a non-SAC mechanism pressure plate.
Heat-resistant clutch disc spacer.
– Flywheels have the starter gear mounted on it.

Options summary

Setup Friction pads Pressure plate Top torque at dynamic driving* Top torque at ideal conditions**
Stage 1 Kevlar Pressure plate from BMW E39 2.8 800NM 1000NM
Stage 2 Kevlar Sachs Performance pressure plate 1100NM-1200NM 1400NM
Stage 3 Ceramic Sachs Performance pressure plate 1400NM-1500NM 1800NM

*heavy abuse and drifting
**top NM a clutch can withstand when power is released in a smooth, linear way


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The set can be renewed by

Average time needed to build this clutch is 7 working days.


Additional information


Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

Flywheel type

6 bolts N54, 8 bolts N54, 6 bolts N55


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