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BIG TURBO TDI Upgraded Turbocharger GTB2871VK vacuum converted




Gottuned`s upgraded turbocharger GTB2871VK vacuum converted built using Enlarged Custom Billet Compressor Wheels and Bigger High-Flow 9 blades Turbine Wheels.  The turbo is based on the stock genuine Garrett turbocharger from BMW 530d F10 and is the ultimate solution for all the turbodiesel engines equipped with VNT turbochargers i.a. Audi, BMW, Fiat, VW, Skoda, Seat, Opel, Jeep.

What’s so special about this one?

1. Quick spool thanks to:

Enlarged 71mm billet compressor wheels GEN I 11+0 or GEN II 11+0,
– Custom High-Flow 9 blades GTB28VK turbine wheel.

2. Vacuum conversion using standard VNT actuator or electronic actuator KKK/IHI/Honeywell (Common Rail engines).
3. Higher air-fuel ratio and higher peak torque at low engine speeds.
4. 3rd generation Variable Nozzle Turbine.
5. Only oil cooling (there is no water cooling).
6. Precisely VNT adjustment.

The four things needed to install our GTB2871vk are as follows:

– modification of the downpipe ( V-band flange is included in the kit!),
– modification of Inlet & Outlet pipes,
– modification of oil line return and oil line feed (oil line return is included in the kit!),
– the custom manifold (the tubular manifold is recommended, available for 1.9/2.0TDI engines).

GotTuned.COMTubular Manifold BMW

The turbo is meant to work with +400HP at 38-40PSI of boost. In order to reach that level of power you need to adjust i.a. your fuel, exhaust, cooling, clutch, intake systems as well.

Compressor Wheel Top Boost Top HP
GEN I Billet 71mm 11+0 blades 38PSI/2.6 bar 400-410HP
GEN II Billet 71mm 11+0 blades 40PSI/2.8bar 420-430HP

When it comes to the fuel injectors, we recommend our custom 0,360 VP Injectors + 12mm fuel pump or FIRAD HF160 PD Injectors, depending on the stock fuel system. These parts are available on demand.

Please tell us which vehicle the turbocharger will be fitted into and we will set up the turbo accordingly. We need usually ~ 10 working days to send this turbocharger.



Additional information

Compressor wheel

71mm GEN I 11+0 blades, 71mm GEN II 11+0 blades

Actuator type

Vacuum, Electronic


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